HJT The Latest Solar Cell Technology

Our company has introduced the latest solar cell technology from May 2022, high efficiency hetero-junction double-sided technology. HJT is a double-sided heterojunction structure solar cell, which can receive light on both sides, generate electricity on both sides, and has a low preparation process temperature, high conversion efficiency, good high temperature characteristics etc. It is considered to be the mainstream technology of the photovoltaic industry in the future.

Advantages of HJT heterojunction solar cells:

*High conversion efficiency: HJT solar cells improves the conversion efficiency by 10%-20% compared with traditional crystal silicon cells

*Low temperature coefficient: the cell power temperature coefficient is lower than -0.25%/ ºC. At high temperatures, power generation can be increased over 9 %

*High stability: anti-PID effect, no LID effect, the attenuation rate of the first year is 50% lower than the traditional crystal silicon cell

*Double side power generation: double side power generation; Backside power generation can gain 10%-20%

*Flexible application: The structure of HJT solar cell is applicable on ultra-thin silicon wafers substrate therefore can realize flexibility in the future.